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Sell My House Fast Los Angeles

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Many people come to me and tell me “I want to sell my house fast and for the most money” and we can help with that! Selling your home should be more than just putting some photos on a website so I am taking you step by step through the process that we used to get our clients $600K more than the highest sale ever recorded in North Redondo Beach!

1. Evaluate YOUR Needs

Every client has different goals and needs and we are not a one size fits all real estate group. The first step is to sit down with our clients, evaluate their needs, understand their goals and develop a custom marketing plan for their specific situation. After we know what your goals and plans are then we create a custom plan to meet those needs and structure the marketing accordingly.

2. Prepare the Property for Sale

The second step is to prep the property- whether that means decluttering, depersonalizing, organizing, staging, light remodeling, touch ups, etc. our goal is to maximize our clients’ net profits. We have contractors, handymen, stagers, organizers, etc. that we work with regularly so we can prep your property quickly to prepare it for the market if needed. Through our exclusive program, Compass Concierge, our clients are able to do all the prep work with zero upfront costs, zero fees and zero interest. Compass concierge covers cosmetic renovations, inspections, decluttering, storage, moving costs, staging and so much more! Once the property closes you simply pay out of your net proceeds. This makes it possible for anybody in any financial situation to be able to prep their property to maximize profits. Many times our clients invest $10-$20K and see five to ten times on their return.

Staging is so important to getting the best possible price for your home especially if the property is vacant. Staging allows buyers to truly visualize themselves living in a home and this leads to more showings, more offers and ultimately a higher sales price. When our clients stage their homes they consistently get a higher sales price and sell their home in less than 20 days!

3. Professional Photography, Videography & 3D Matterport Tour

After the home is prepped, the third step is to have a professional photographer and videographer shoot your property. These photos and videos will be the first impression a buyer has of your property and how they determine if they should view it. If a real estate agent pulls out their iphone to take pictures and doesn’t hire a professional run as fast as you can! We also hire a professional to shoot a 3D Matterport Tour for our listings. This is a great way for buyers to be able to virtually walk through the home without even being there. It’s also great for out of town buyers, investors or buyers who have family that are helping financially or emotionally with the purchase to be able to really see the home without being there. It provides great tools to buyers such as a 3D doll house floor plan,  virtual walkthrough, and it also gives exact measurements of windows, rooms, etc. This is just another tool to simplify the buying process and mitigate any roadblocks a buyer may encounter so we maximize the number of offers you receive on the home.

4. Public Marketing

We get the photos and video back within about 48 hours and we start publicly marketing the property. Once we upload the marketing materials, your listing will syndicate to over 750 websites. We create a custom website for your property where all information, photos, videos and open house information is featured. We also create short form videos to generate interest on social media websites and start advertising campaigns via Facebook, Instagram and Google. For this property we had over 39K impressions on Facebook and Instagram and over 15K on Google.

5. Broker’s Open

We hold a broker’s open after the property hits the market and invite all the local real estate agents to view the property to see if it will be a good fit for their clients. Some agents even bring their clients to the broker’s open to get them into the property early. This is just another way to get your property exposed to the highest number of potential buyers!

6. Mega Open House

We like to throw a mega open house for all of our listings! To prepare for the mega open house, we do Instagram, Facebook, Google and YouTube campaigns to get as many people through the property as possible. We send out over 10K e-vites to residents and agents in the local area and we pass out over 1500 flyers to neighbors in the area because neighbors tend to be the best advocates for the neighborhood. We also promote a giveaway via Instagram, Facebook and Google to generate more interest. We give away gift cards, beach picnics, hotel stays, etc. This gets more people to stop by and we want everyone talking about this property to friends and neighbors because more hype=more offers! We cater the open house with a taco stand, burger cart, charcuterie stand, etc. to build hype as well! Again, our goal is to have as many eyes on the property as possible. For this open house we had over 150 people through the open house! We do all of this for every single one of our clients whether they are selling a home for $500K or a $10M so we can maximize exposure to our client’s properties!

7. PR Opportunities

Depending on the property, we have PR opportunities through Compass as well as our network. For this property, we were able to secure the cover of DIGS magazine with a feature article. DIGS magazines are distributed to over 23K households and they have an online audience reach of over 200K per month.

After doing all of this, we received 5 offers and accepted an offer for $3.79M, which was $591K more than the highest sale ever recorded in North Redondo Beach. We couldn’t be happier for our client and the new buyers! If you would like us to create a custom listing and marketing plan to meet your specific goals all of our information is in the description below. You can call, text, e-mail or set up a consultation via calendly above. We would be honored to help you with the next transition in your life!